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The year last, the workplaces have seen a shift towards more elasticity and autonomy for workforces. Remote work became the model, with many
organizations transitioning to a hybrid model of in-person and remote work. This change was initiated by the COVID-19 pandemic but sustained by a
growing recognition of the benefits of remote work, such as increased productivity and job satisfaction. However, 2022 brought a number of
challenges for the global economy including the outbreak of war in Ukraine, disruption of global supply chains and rising inflation. These events had a significant impact on the workforce, leading to a number of changes in the way that people worked and lived.

Such events had a number of consequences for the workforce, including increased stress and burnout, as well as decreased job satisfaction and productivity. Additionally, the economic instability caused by war and inflation led to a lack of investment and a lack of confidence in the future, which further undermined the workforce. Thus 2023 will be challenging characterizing and channelizing the HR trends with a quantum shift. It’s the year 2023, and we are still in the middle of the pandemic, and we have to adapt to the post covid world.

Due to this, many businesses have adopted new ways of communication and getting work done. The most challenging part is being faced by the HR professionals as almost every single factor of HRM has drastically changed. Every task has shifted to remotely working; Over the past few years, a lot has changed for the HR industry. The work once done by humans is now done via computers. Employees working at offices are now working from home, owing to the global pandemic. All of this has led to the rise of the Significant Shift in the HR industry

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Introduction of business models, their application, implementation execution was a big transformation, ‘Choices Chances Changes’ has been a fundamental approach for the paradigm shifts in Human Resources.

Now more than ever, following the shifts that the workplace has seen, the importance of an effective leader and manager has grown by leaps and bounds. The current scenario demands ‘adopted, adaptive and authentic’ leaders for their employees.

What is worth looking forward to in the future of the HR industry? What to expect from the industry? and how they can impact the Work, Worker and Workplace? To decipher what the future of HR is going to be, we at Sapphire Connect are glad to present the 4th Annual ReThink HR Conclave 2023 centered on the theme “De-Code, Discover & Determine: The Quantum Shift of HR”. Through this conclave we aim to bring to light the impending challenges which HR leaders can convert to chances, HR leaders being the driving forces for the various initiatives in their organizations. Decode, Discover and Determine the new trends as well as challenges that come along, deciphering on the right opportunities, understanding the pros and cons as well as the acceptability in the system, strategies and SWOT analysis to get optimum benefit from the talent pool and the workforce, thus developing a resilient platform for a better HR Ecosystem to synergize strategize and sustain organizational goals.

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Head of L&D

Head of Talent Acquisition

Head of D&I

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