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21st July 2023

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The year last, the workplaces have seen a shift towards more elasticity and autonomy for workforces. Remote work became the model, with many organizations transitioning to a hybrid model of in-person and remote work. This change was initiated by the COVID-19 pandemic but sustained by a growing recognition of the benefits of remote work, such as increased productivity and job satisfaction. However, 2022 brought a number of challenges for the global economy including the outbreak of war in Ukraine, disruption of global supply chains and rising inflation. These events had a significant impact on the workforce, leading to a number of changes in the way that people worked and lived.

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Challenges in HR

Working in the Metaverse

With technological advances, the metaverse workplace is on a quick path to becoming an everyday reality. But how does that work? The metaverse workplace offers virtual reality environments that let you work in a customized immersive space from anywhere in the world. Within the metaverse, digital workstations are created so that the employees can do their respective jobs independently. It also allows interactions and real-life experiences via digital avatars.

Evolving hiring process

HR has a vital role in ensuring that the hiring process transformation is managed and measured. With their experience and expertise, HR managers should be leaders in these changes. This will require closer collaboration with all departments within the organization. HR must connect the business and leadership needs with the capabilities of employees. As a result, HR must be responsible for many essential processes to ensure that the business can create talent markets, foster collaboration, and drive data-driven decisions.

Remote Learning

As employees work at home, the business model changes. Employees need to learn and develop, so they can work with new technologies. Learning has been an important aspect of the workforce, even in pre-pandemic times. Remote learning has opened a whole lot of opportunities for the employees to work, along with its focus on their weak areas and learn how to correct them by investing their much-provided time while working remotely

Digital Tracking

HR is faced with the huge task of tracking employees digitally. Traditionally, an employee would come to their office, scan their ID card, and get attendance. The employee would then proceed to log in to their computer, and IT could monitor their activities and timings.In the WFH trend, tracking undergoes a 360° shift. Companies now have to depend upon online tools. Virtual timesheets, virtual attendance, and virtual performance management are trending areas in HRM today

The 5 Strategic Priorities For The Future Of HR

Need for Cybersecurity

Most HR departments have widely adopted the HRMS, and there is a need to ensure its effectiveness and efficiency. However, regardless of the company size, cyber security breaches are destructive and could cost the organization a fortune. Emerging trends in HRM need HR managers to understand how to secure their data through cybersecurity measures.

attracting and retaining talent will be the hot commodity in 2023. However, companies will have to stretch far beyond employee engagement to retain their frontline workforce going forward. This means now is the time to listen to your frontline employees.
Knowing and acting on their pain points, top motivators, and essential needs will go miles in retaining the staff you need to stay

The Transition from Employee Well-being to “Healthy Organization”

a holistic and more inclusive enterprise-wide approach to well-being. This concept goes beyond the physical health and safety of the
employees and aims at providing more flexibility and opportunities for their training and empowerment. One in four employees globally report experiencing symptoms of burnout also the gap between employer and employee perceptions of well-being at work and identified a strong correlation between toxic work cultures and burnout.

Employee Well-being

HR are now more concerned of their employee’s health and well- being. From organizing various engaging activities to ensuring their safety, organizations are trying to maintain a work life balance between work and home.

People Analytics and Automation Are on The Rise

Expanding the use of big data in HR has been on the rise for quite some time. Especially given the digital transformation seeping its way across all aspects of human resources. With businesses doing more with less in the talent arena, people analytics is getting the spotlight it deserves. However, HR professionals need tools and education at their fingertips to make data-driven decisions that make a positive impact. Automation will also take center stage in HR operations in 2023. Things like chatbots, streamlined workflows, artificial intelligence, automated onboarding processes, and instant manager approvals will make everyone’s lives easier. The future of automation and people analytics in HR will look different for all organizations. However, the top trends in HR will certainly save time and boost efficiencies when human resources teams need it most. 

Workplace Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Stays at The Forefront

2021 HR trends focused on elevating workplace diversity and adopting an inclusive company culture. 2023 is expected to be the same – especially as it’s becoming an essential piece to an attractive employee experience. Workforce diversity, equity, and inclusion are essential to any company culture that wants to thrive in the next economy. Not only because it empowers employees to proudly bring their life experiences to the workplace. It also makes businesses more competitive in the labor market. In 2023 and beyond, workplace diversity will continue to play a critical role in retaining valuable talent. Currently, 70% of companies believe they effectively attract and retain diverse employees, yet only 11% really understand what it is.

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4th Annual ReThink HR Conclave 2022

We at Sapphire Connect believe that an organization is only as good as the changes it works upon as change being the only constant, for sustaining and thriving, organizations in the coming years need to be avant-garde and mutable, looking beyond the perspective of their financial goals and becoming more employee-centric shall pave the way to maneuver through trying times and pandemic. ‘Cooperate’ The current need of the hour is for the HR to collaborate cooperate conjoin to adapt the new trends and technologies as well has behavioral changes, and influence HR tech solutions across the employee life cycle for constructing an operative Human Resources environment right from erudition to talent procurement, from management of performance and all the way to workforce efficiency for better production of yield. In this milieu, we, with pride announce the 4th Annual ReThink HR Conclave 2023 centered on the theme “De-Code, Discover & Determine: The Quantum Shift of HR” aims to decipher the functioning modalities and customs of processes being goal centric, breaking through all the biases of the peripheral navies and stepping towards the vision and mission laid down by the

Key Highlights of the Conclave

Get insights on how to drive cross-functional responsibility and organizational performance through talent

Recognize the critica skills gap and how to overcome it through constant Learning and development

Gain insights on how the growing importance on diversity and inclusion

Learn about new HR technology that can ensure success during the entire technology life cycle, from strategy and selection

Seek insights on how to overcome employee data and transparency concerns through ethical data collection techniques for talent management

Decode strategies in Talent acquisition and recruiting for enabling a high-impact candidate experience and employment brand

Understand the importance of rewards and recognitions and how to shape rewards packages to address a growing emphasis on employee psychological and physical well-being

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